BDF delegation visits Tender Board

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

 Sep 14, 2017

The Tender Board has received representatives from Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) to brief them on the workflow and structure of the Tender Board and its General Secretariat.

The Tender Board gave a detailed presentation on the board’s establishment and its objectives, which are based on the values of protecting public money and upholding transparency and equity in dealing with public bids, tenders, and purchases. This, along with working to achieve maximum levels of economic efficiency, while obtaining competitive prices for government purchases and encouraging suppliers and contractors to participate.

The meeting also tackled the technical roles of the Tender Board which include overseeing government tender and purchase transactions, endorsing tender documents, receiving bids, opening tender envelopes to ascertain that they contain the required documents, reviewing, revising and approving the bids evaluation and issuing the award decision, overseeing supplier and contractor pre-qualifications, enforcing penalties on violations and failure to honor contractual agreements and deciding upon suppliers and contractors complaints.

The Board’s representatives also shed light on their processes according to the concerned departments and the provided e-services, specifically, the E-tendering System, and its role in easing the process and boosting competitiveness.

The BDF delegates expressed their gratitude to the Tender Board for their brief which comes in line of the objectives of boosting cooperation and productivity between public institutions.