Q1. What are your opening hours?
Our offices are open on Sunday to Wednesday from 7:00 to 14:15 hours and on Thursday from 7:00 -14:00 hours.
Q2. Where is the Tender Board located?
Our address is:
Tender Board,
Almoayyed Tower, 7th Floor,
Seef District, Bahrain.
Tel- (+973) 17566666
Fax- (+973) 17587855
P.O.Box 18686, Manama, Bahrain
Q3: Where can I get a copy of the Tender Notices?
Public tender adverts are available on our website through the following link: Tender Notices. However, suppliers and contractors should pursue the daily newspapers for advertised tenders.
Q4. From where can I get the "Bid Submission Form" & where do I submit it ?
Bid Submission Form (TB02) and envelopes required for bid submission are available through the respective purchasing authority. According to the date specified in the tender advert, bids are submitted at Tender board’s premises from Sunday 7:00 hours to Wednesday 13:30 hours sharp. The days specified are subject to change in case of public holidays.
Q5. When does Tender opening occur?
Tenders opening sessions are held every Thursday at 8:00 AM (The days specified are subject to change in case of public holidays) Bid envelopes opening is carried out in the presence of the Tender Board members or Tender Opening Committee, purchasing authority representatives and suppliers and contractors representatives. The results of opening the bid envelopes shall be recorded in the “List of Bid Prices”, which is immediately displayed at Tender Board opening hall and is available for the concerned parties.
Q6. Where do I get other suppliers bid prices from?
The "List of Bid Prices" is displayed immediately in the tender opening hall and to be available to the parties concerned. * Once the tender is opened, the Bid Prices are displayed online on our website through the ‘live opening sessions’. Live opening sessions can be accessed through both BTB’s website on the following link: Live Opening as well as the National portal (www.bahrain.bh). Furthermore, once the tender is opened it can also be found on the “Opened Tenders” section of the website, which is on the following link: Opened Tenders
Q7: Where can I get the Monthly Awarded Report from? available on the following:
1. The official gazette.
2. The Tender Board’s website at the (awarded tenders section) and can be found on the following link: Awarded Tenders
3. The National Portal under the (business section, tender services, Tender Awards service) and can be found on the following link: eGovernment Portal
Q8: How can I submit my Feedback, and Suggestions?
Customer feedback and suggestions can be submitted in writing to the Tender Board using one of the following methods:
1. By letter,
2. By e-mail,
3. By using the “Customer Feedback Questionnaire” (TB Form 017), this is available at Tender Board office and is also available at the Tender Board’s website on the following link: Customer Feedback Questionnaire
4. By filling the “Suggestions Form” (TB Form 018) and putting it in the box allocated at the Tender Board offices. This form is also available at Tender Board’s website on the following link: Feedback
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