e-Tendering System

The e-Tendering System is an electronic tendering solution which provides a single interface to the Tender Board, government purchasing authorities and suppliers to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the business process for all parties involved.

The e-Tendering System provides a more streamlined method of announcing tenders, receiving and submitting all tenders related information and documents, receiving & opening bids and announcing tender awards via the internet.

The purchasing authorities can complete their activities within workflow by logging into the system through the purchasing authorities portal and the suppliers can log into the system through the supplier portal. The suppliers need to fill online Registration Form to become registered users to the system.

The System will, in future, include the following:

  • A link to an appropriate credit card to facilitate an online payment of Tender Document and Initial Bond.
  • A link to the Commercial Registration Directorate at the Ministry of Industry & Commerce to facilitate the verification of the validity of the Commercial Registration Certificates of the bidders.
  • A link to the Central Bank of Bahrain, to facilitate any foreign exchange requirements.

The e-Tendering production site can be accessed via the following link:


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