Opened Bids Detail

Health insurance for Supreme Judicial Council`s representatives and their families

Tender Number: RFP201929305220904

Pa Ref Number: 01/2020

Issued by
The Supreme Judicial Council
Financial and insurance activities
Bids Submitted
Tender Type
Date Opened
Thursday, 13 February 2020
Bidder's Name
Bid Value
Bahrain Kuwait Insurance
(Opt. 1) BHD 752,078.000
(Opt. 2) BHD 869,343.000
(Opt. 3) BHD 880,380.000
Medgulf Takaful B.S.C (c)
(Opt. 1) BHD 521,284.050
(Opt. 2) BHD 492,662.100
t azur Company
(Opt. 1) BHD 600,013.050
(Opt. 2) BHD 526,526.700
(Opt. 3) BHD 567,067.800
Notice: Tenders are subject to technical & financial evaluation, price shall be the principal criterion in case of fulfillment of technical & other criteria, this means that the lowest price bidder is not necessarily awarded the tender.

For information about “Suspended bids” – please refer to the concerned Purchasing Authority.Reasons for suspension includes but not limited to issues relating to the initial bond, TB02, … etc.