Tender Details

Appointment of contractor for the renovation works for MOH apartments at Isa town

Tender Number: EB-2018-E-13

PA Ref Number: EB/18/E 04

Tender Description

The Tenderer is invited to bid for the MOH Apartments Renovation works at Isa Town. Approximately 40 apartments are to be renovated and the contract will be based on re-measured The Execution Period is 4 months.

Issued by
Eskan Bank
Initial Bond
BD 1000
Validity Of Initialbond
6 Months
Tender Advertisement
Tender Fees
BD 50
Publish Date
Thursday, 06 September 2018
Closing Date
Wednesday, 10 October 2018
Opening Date
Thursday, 11 October 2018

How to Participate?

  • Those who are capable and wish to participate in the above tender have to purchase the Tender Documents online through the Bahrain Tender Board’s portal https://e-tendering.tenderboard.gov.bh starting from Thursday, 06 September 2018
  • Bidders are requested to enclose with their bids the Initial Bond for the amount specified above or at the rate of 1% of the tender value whichever amount is lesser, provided that no initial bonds value shall be less than BD 100/-. (Except for the Two-envelope tenders).
  • For Two-envelope tenders, bidders, are requested to enclose with their bids the Initial Bond for the amount specified above.
  • The initial bond should be in the form of a Certified Cheque, Bank Guarantee, Insurance Policy or Cash (or as specified in the Tender Documents) valid for the duration specified above.
  • The bids should be deposited in the tender box at the Tender Board offices located at Arcapita Building - Ground Floor -Building 551 –Road 4612 -Block 346 – Bahrain Bay - Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • This tender is subject to the provisions of the Tender Law issued by the Legislative Decree No. 36 of 2002, its amendments, and its Implementing Regulations issued by the Decree No. 37 of 2002.
  • In addition, these conditions have to be considered:
    • Enclose copy of a valid Commercial Registration Certificate (CR) in line with the tender's subject.
    • Enclose copy of a valid certificate of compliance with the employment percentages for Bahraini manpower (Bahranization Certificate) issued by the Ministry of Labour.
    • Form no. (TB 02) is to be filled in completely, mentioning the Total Tender Value and/ or Unit Price. (Except for the Two-envelope tenders)
    • For Two-envelope tenders, bidders should fill Form no. (TB 02) twice as follows:
      • In the Technical envelope, without mentioning the tender value, while enclosing the following:
        • original initial bond
        • copy of the CR
        • copy of the Bahranization Certificate.
      • In the Financial envelope, with the Total Tender Value and/or Unit Price.
    • All documents submitted as part of the bid must be stamped with the Company’s Stamp.
  • This advertisement is considered supplementary to the tender documents. In case of any discrepancy between the Advertisement and the Tender Document, the Tender Document prevails.
  • Vendors who are not registered in the Tender Board's e-tendering system shall be required to register through the below-mentioned link, and for assistance please contact the Tender Board through email helpdesk@tenderboard.gov.bh or call on Tel No. +97317566617.
  • For Supplier Registration


For further inquiries please contact on:

Eskan Bank