Tender Notices
#Tender No.Tender SubjectMinistryInitial BondInitial FeesClosing DatePublished On
1 MW/HRD/05/2014 Supply and Delivery of Toner/Ink Cartridges for HP Printers & Xerox Photocopiers to Ministry of WorksMinistry of Works5001503/09/201421/08/2014
2 BIC/05/2014 Tender for the Replacement & Maintenance of BIC CanopiesBahrain International Circuit50005003/09/201419/08/2014
3 14-3-1235-ITC Supply of Juices and MilkGulf Air10005001/10/201419/08/2014
4 2014-171-PP-FRSD CONSTRUCTION OF NEW PRECAST COMPOUND WALL (DESIGN & BUILT) AT EWA PREMISES, UM AL HASSAM .Electricity and Water Authority25005024/09/201419/08/2014
5 M/70/2014 Prepare of multipurpose hall in Abu-Obaida bin al jarah primary boys schoolEducation5001503/09/201418/08/2014
6 T140071 (12) SALES OF VARIOUS MATERIALS (AUCTION) AS DETAILED FOLLOWS: 1- Scrapped ferrous materials (Pipes, fitting, drums etc.) and non-ferrous materials (Al brass and copper) 2- Used vehicles and cranes of various categories 3- Used Breathing apparatus 4- Used Tug Boat with brand new spare parts 5- Obsolete equipment (Medical, kitchen, furniture and domestic equipment)Bahrain Petroleum Company40005010/09/201418/08/2014
7 MAM/4/2014 Managing the new shops in Isa Town Traditional MarketMunicipalities and Urban Planning Affairs50005003/09/201418/08/2014
8 4/2014 مشروع بناء عمارة سكنية و استثمارها للأرض رقم 124 في الرفاع الشرقي مجمع 903Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs25005027/08/201414/08/2014
9 CMSD/15/2014 Term Contract for Supply of Miscellaneous Gardening Materials for Landscape Plants Production SectionMunicipalities and Urban Planning Affairs25005003/09/201414/08/2014
10 RDS-14/0021 IMPROVEMENT OF ABU SHAHEEN, DEEBLES AND NOON AVENUESMinistry of Works50005003/09/201414/08/2014
11 SES-13/0063 Supply of Liquid Chlorine and polymer -Technical BidsMinistry of Works40005013/08/201413/08/2014
12 Q080803 (43) PROCUREMENT OF STATIONARYBahrain Petroleum Company25005024/09/201412/08/2014
13 MW/HRD/04/2014 Leasing of Motor Vehicles For Ministry of WorksMinistry of Works5001527/08/201412/08/2014
14 SES-13/0084 NORTH SITRA TSE LINE PROJECT NO.: SES-12-50-001Ministry of Works50005024/09/201411/08/2014
15 LMRA/2014/03 Providing car leasingLabour Market Regulatory Authority25005027/08/201411/08/2014
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