Tender Notices
#Tender No.Tender SubjectMinistryInitial BondInitial FeesClosing DatePublished On
1 MOH/018/2014 Cleaning ItemsHealth40005029/10/201430/09/2014
2 MOH/136/2014 Replacement Device: General Medical EquipmentHealth25005029/10/201430/09/2014
3 BIC/07/2014 Providing Support Services in the AREA of Information & Communications TechnologyBahrain International Circuit10005015/10/201430/09/2014
4 MOSD/RFP/2014-6 Provide six (6) SalesmenSocial Development5001515/10/201430/09/2014
5 RDS-14/0016 MAINTENANCE OF ROADS IN HIDD BLOCKS 107 & 108Ministry of Works40005015/10/201430/09/2014
6 BMD-14/0012 Provide LED Lights, Wash Basin Sensor Mixer, Roof Insulation, and Solar Control Film on Windows at Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs H.Q. BuildingMinistry of Works25005022/10/201430/09/2014
7 BAC/116/2014 Leasing of Motor VehiclesBahrain Airport Co.40005005/11/201429/09/2014
8 M/81/2014 توفير وتجديد رخص واتفاقية الأوركلEducation5001515/10/201427/09/2014
9 M/105/2014 Providing web security solution for MOEEducation10002515/10/201427/09/2014
10 SES-13/0010 OPERATION OF TREATED SANITARY EFFLUENT (TSE) NETWORK PROJECT NO: SES-13-13-000Ministry of Works40005012/11/201427/09/2014
11 SES-14/0036 PROPOSED SEWERAGE SCHEME DUMISTAN VARIOUS ROADS, BLOCK 1019 PROJECT NO. SES-13-80-006Ministry of Works10002522/10/201427/09/2014
12 MOH/138/2014 Medical Equipment: Laboratory Equipment for 2014Health10002522/10/201427/09/2014
13 MOH/137/2014 EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT:( MATERNITY : PACKAGE 2) - No.2Health10002522/10/201427/09/2014
14 MOH/134/2014 Replacement Device: Analyzer AMINO ACIDHealth10002529/10/201427/09/2014
15 HP/30/14 CONSTRUCTION OF 10 NOS. HOUSE TYPE D11 AT SITE 213, BLOCK 609, SITRA PHASE 3, CONTRACT DMinistry of Housing25005015/10/201427/09/2014
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