Tender Notices
#Tender No.Tender SubjectMinistryInitial BondInitial FeesClosing DatePublished On
1 2014-313-PP-FRSD SUPPLY OF LIGHT VEHICLES DRIVERS FOR TWO(2)YEARS PERIOD.Electricity and Water Authority5001504/02/201530/01/2015
2 2014-273-PP-ETD SUPPLY OF ABB MICROSCADA ICS SPARE PARTS.Electricity and Water Authority10002518/02/201530/01/2015
3 SAM/9/2014 تطوير سوق الرفاع المركزيMunicipalities and Urban Planning Affairs5001528/01/201528/01/2015
4 RDS-14/0020 إعادة تأهيل شارع الشيخ حمد – المرحلة 2 (من دوار 16 الى جامعة البحرين(Ministry of Works50005028/01/201528/01/2015
5 MOSD/RFP/2015-8 شراء عدد 300 جهاز حاسب آليSocial Development5001528/01/201528/01/2015
6 SP/NH/PT-004/01/2015 Steel DoorsBahrain Petroleum Company10005025/02/201527/01/2015
7 SP/LS/PT-002/01/2015 Alstom Spares for Riffa Power StationBahrain Petroleum Company25005011/02/201527/01/2015
8 MOW/HRD/17/2015 Buildings Cleaning Services for Ministry.Ministry of Works10002504/02/201526/01/2015
9 SES-13/0037 REHABILITATION/UPGRADING OF MINOR SEWERAGE PUMPING STATIONS PROJECT ID: SES-13-24-502-Financial BidsMinistry of Works0021/01/201521/01/2015
10 SES-13/0010 OPERATION OF TREATED SANITARY EFFLUENT (TSE) NETWORK PROJECT NO: SES-13-13-000-Financial BidsMinistry of Works0021/01/201521/01/2015
11 MOH/100/2015 Engineering: Demolition and Reconstruction of Boundary Wall @SMC (Tenderers shall be listed and approved as Grade B or above by Ministry of Work )Health10005018/02/201519/01/2015
12 SP/LS/PT-001/01/2015 ALSTOM SPARES FOR RIFFA POWER & STATIONCentral Stores Directorate25005004/02/201519/01/2015
13 MOH/165/2014 Replace AKU Generator & Electrical Work @ SMCHealth10002518/02/201519/01/2015
14 M/106/2014 Provision of training books for Bahrain training instituteEducation5001504/02/201519/01/2015
15 M/167/2014 Printing textbooks for basic education – Periodic for four yearsEducation40005004/02/201519/01/2015
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