Tender Notices
#Tender No.Tender SubjectMinistryInitial BondInitial FeesClosing Date
1 MOSD/RFP/15/12 استئجار حافلات مع سائق وبدون سائق لمدة سنتينSocial Development25005030/09/2015
2 15-8-1414-ITC Construction of baggage tracing building and storesGulf Air10002504/11/2015
3 UOBQ/7/2015 Supply & Installation Smart Board for University of BahrainUniversity of Bahrain5001507/10/2015
4 CM/03/2015 تأهيل ميدان الشيخ دعيج بمجمع 326Manama Municipality5001507/10/2015
5 TC/SH/PT-0182/09/201 PIPE POLYETHELENE أنابيب بوليثلينCentral Stores Directorate5001507/10/2015
6 TC/NH/PT-0181/09/201 PIPE DUCTILE IRON أنابيب فولاذيةCentral Stores Directorate10002507/10/2015
7 TC/NB/PT-0172/09/201 RING MAIN UNIT مفاتيح كهربائيةCentral Stores Directorate25005007/10/2015
9 FIN/02/2015 صيانة الحدائق بالمناطق والشوارع العامة بالمحافظة الشماليةWORKS, MUNICIPALITIES AFFAIRS & URBAN PLANNING (WORKS)25005007/10/2015
10 T140115 (39) DESIGN, SUPPLY & INSTALLATION OF BLAST RESISTANT PORTACABINSBahrain Petroleum Company40005028/10/2015
11 RFPGOYS/18/2015 Construction of Sports Hall at Shabab ClubThe General Organization for Youth and Sports25005028/10/2015
12 RDS-15/003 Jasrah Grade Separated Junction Reconfiguration Stage-1WORKS, MUNICIPALITIES AFFAIRS & URBAN PLANNING (WORKS)40005007/10/2015
13 SP/AY/PT-177/08/2015 TERMOMECCANICA SPARES FOR SITRA POWER & WATER STATIONCentral Stores Directorate5001528/10/2015
14 SP/AY/PT-176/08/2015 ROTOR (KSB) FOR SITRA POWER & WATER STATIONCentral Stores Directorate5001528/10/2015
15 TRA/RFP/2015/025 Consulting Services to Assist with Setting-up an Operational Unit to Permit Radio-communications Stations Deployment in the Kingdom of Bahrain-Financial BidsTelecommunications Regulatory Authority0016/09/2015
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