Tender Notices
#Tender No.Tender SubjectMinistryInitial BondInitial FeesClosing Date
1 BAC/171/2016 Leasing of Unit 1241 for Food and Beverage at Landside ArrivalsBahrain Airport Co.5001527/07/2016
2 TC/NH/PT-094/06/2016 Valve GateCentral Stores Directorate5001513/07/2016
3 TC/AH/PT-096/06/2016 Ring Main UnitCentral Stores Directorate10005013/07/2016
4 TC/AJ/PT-098/06/2016 PVC PipeCentral Stores Directorate5001513/07/2016
5 TC/NH/PT-100/06/2016 Ductile PipeCentral Stores Directorate5001513/07/2016
6 TC/NH/PT-101/06/2016 Joint KitCentral Stores Directorate25005013/07/2016
7 TC/NH/PT-102/06/2016 U/G CableCentral Stores Directorate40005020/07/2016
8 TC/AJ/PT-103/06/2016 Joint KitCentral Stores Directorate5001520/07/2016
9 MIA/2/2016 Supply and Integration of VizRT Touch Screen System for the News Center StudioInformation Affairs 10002517/08/2016
10 MIA/3/2016 Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 2 x 800 KVA Diesel Generator for Production Studio 1Information Affairs 10002517/08/2016
11 MIA/4/2016 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Air Cooled Chillers Systems at Radio BuildingInformation Affairs 10002517/08/2016
12 RDS-16/0001 Term Contract For Bridges Maintenance Works 2016-2018WORKS, MUNICIPALITIES AFFAIRS & URBAN PLANNING (WORKS)40005020/07/2016
13 MUN/CM/A03/2016 تأجير مواقع اعلانية لعدد (2) اعلان من نوع يوني بول بشارع الشيخ عيسى بن سلمانManama Municipality10002513/07/2016
14 BTEA 04/2016 Contracting with Representative Offices of Tourism to Attract Visitors to the Kingdom of BahrainBahrain Tourism & Exhibitions Authority10002520/07/2016
15 LMRA/2016/04 Providing Security Guard Services to LMRA BuildingLabour Market Regulatory Authority25002520/07/2016
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