The Bahrain Tender Board recently held its second open meeting through the Microsoft Teams platform, with the participation of 96 employees and specialists representing 56 Purchasing Authority​. This event is part of the Board's ongoing efforts to ensure transparency and efficiency in government tendering procedures.


During the meeting, Eng. Jamal Abdulaziz Al Alawi, Secretary General of Bahrain Tender Board, emphasized the Board's commitment to achieving its strategic goals, which include ensuring the safety of procedures and operations carried out by participating entities and reducing the number of rejected applications. Al Alawi also highlighted the Board's focus variation order, based on the Law Regulating Government Tenders, Auctions, Purchases and Sales.


The meeting, which is considered a priority for the Board, aims to contribute in knowledge transfer to concerned entities subject to the aforementioned law and enhance the quality of government tendering and auction procedures and operations. By doing so, this will improve the response rate to requests received by the Board and the implementation of government projects within established timelines.

In Addition, the officials of the Board addressed inquiries from participants during the meeting, which serves as a driving force for transparency and efficiency in government tendering procedures in Bahrain.