Bid Submission

  • The Suppliers/ Contractors shall register in the e-Tendering System. To register in the system please click on the link: Registration.
  • The Suppliers/ Contractors shall purchase and download the tender documents electronically.
  • Bidders shall submit their bids to the Tender Board from Sunday to Wednesday, between 8.00 am to 1.30 pm. Bids received after the specified closing time will not be accepted.

Tender Opening

  • Bids opening is carried out in the presence of the Tender Board Members and/ or the Bids Opening Committee Members, Purchasing Authorities Representatives and Suppliers/ Contractors Representatives. 
  • Once the bid is opened, the prices are displayed online on the Tender Board’s website. They can be found at the opening time on the “Live Opening” tab through the link: Live Opening, and on the “Opened Bids” tab through the link: Opened Bids.
  • During the bids opening process, the bids shall be verified by the Tender Board Members and/ or the Bids Opening Committee Members to ensure that all the bids are accompanied by the required documents. 

Accepted Bid

Bids are accepted if they conform with the requirements of the tender documents including the submission of the required appropriate documents and papers.

Suspended Bid

Bids are suspended in the following cases: 

  • The Bidder did not purchase the tender documents and/ or is different from the buyer’s name.
  • The Form No. (TB 02) is not attached.
  • The original copy of the Initial Bond is not attached.
  • The Initial Bond is not in the right form according to the Tender Board’s Decision No. (3) for 2004 and the tender documents.
  • The Initial Bond includes wrong information and/ or does not conform with the requirements.

Tender Evaluation & Award

  • All the opened bids documents shall be forwarded to the concerned Purchasing Authority or any other body assigned by the Board to evaluate the bids.
  • The concerned Purchasing Authority examines the bids and excludes the non-compliant ones.
  • All the opened bids, except the suspended or non-compliant bids, shall be evaluated by the concerned Purchasing Authority.
  • The tender shall be recommended for award by the Purchasing Authority based on their evaluation report.
  • Upon receipt of the tender evaluation report and award recommendation, the Tender Board shall review and issue an award decision or any other appropriate course of action to the concerned Purchasing Authority.
  • The awarded tenders can be found on the “Awarded Tenders” tab through the link: Awarded Tenders, and a monthly report is published on the Official Gazette. 

Tender Preparation

  • The principle tendering method is the public tendering. Other tendering methods require obtaining the prior approval of the Tender Board.
  • Tenders can be conducted by utilizing one of the following methods:
    • Public Tender
    • Limited Tender
    • Direct Purchase (single source)
    • Competitive Negotiation
    • Two Phases Tender
    • Request for Proposals
  • The Purchasing Authority shall initiate the tender documents through the e-Tendering System. To visit the system please click on the link: e-Tendering System.
  • After obtaining the approval on the e-Tendering System, the Purchasing Authority shall publish the tender in the system. 
  • For public tenders, automatic tender advertisement/ announcement is published in the Tender Board’s website. 
  • For other tendering methods, automatic email invitations are sent to the selected suppliers/ contractors.