Customer Charter





The Tender Board extends its services to the Government Purchasing Authorities (PA), subject to the provisions of the Tender Law, Local and International suppliers and contractors.

The Tender Board strives to:

  • Protect public funds and prevent the undue influence of personal interests on tender formalities
  • Obtain government purchases at competitive and fair prices
  • Encourage suppliers and contractors to participate in government’s tenders and purchases
  • Provide equal opportunity and fair treatment to all suppliers and contractors
  • Ensure transparency in all aspects of government’s tenders and purchasing procedures

Our Duties & Responsibilities

The Board is responsible for all government tenders and purchases that are subject to the provisions of the Legislative Decree No.36 of 2002, with respect to regulating government tenders and purchases, and Decree No.37 of 2002 with respect to communicating the laws regulating government tenders and purchases. In particular, the Tender Board is responsible for:

  • Overseeing government tenders and purchase transactions undertaken by the Authorities and subject to the provisions of the law.
  • Approving the technical specifications provided by the Authorities subject to the provisions of the Law and reviewing tender documents.
  • Receiving bids for tenders, opening tender envelopes, determining that they contain the required documents, and deciding upon acceptance or rejection of bids.
  • Reviewing, revising and approving the evaluation of bids and issuing award decisions.
  • Cancelling a tender and re-inviting it.
  • Pre-qualification of suppliers and contractors in co-ordination with the concerned government authorities.
  • Managing and resolving complaints from suppliers and contractors related to pre-qualification, tender procedures and other methods of entering into contracts.

Our Standards


The Tender Board respects the privacy of its customers and treats all information received with the utmost confidentiality and will not disclose or discuss without the customer’s consent.


The Tender Board strives towards the highest levels of operational efficiency and as such seeks to respond to customer communications within the specified timeline. The Tender Board strives to respond to customer feedback, suggestions, reconsiderations and complaints with the highest level of integrity, equality, transparency and customer care.

Communicating with the Board

The Board welcomes customer feedback and suggestions for improvement. Customers may also submit a complaint, or application for reconsideration.

Provide Feedback and Suggestions

If you would like to provide feedback on our services, or have some suggestions for improvement, you can do this by writing a letter or e-mail to

Reconsiderations & Complaints

Reconsideration applications should be made in writing and within the time limits set forth in Chapter 5 of the Tender Law.

Kindly note that in general, the following are not subject to reconsideration

  • Selection of the contracting methods provided in the law,
  • The choice of the selection methods with respect to the purchase of services,
  • Restricting of the contracting on the basis of nationality, and
  • The decision to exclude all bids, proposals or offers.

The Tender Board shall adopt a decision within 30 days from the date of reconsideration or complaint submission. If a decision has not been adopted in respect to the request within the stated time limit, the applicant can consider their submission rejected.

Rules & Regulations

All rules and regulations that govern Bahrain Tender Board are available electronically on our website under the (laws section)