Secretary General

سعادة المهندس جمال عبدالعزيز العلوي


His Excellency Eng. Jamal bin Abdulaziz Al Alawi has over twenty-two years of experience in the government sector. Eng. Al Alawi currently holds the position of Secretary General of Bahrain Tender Board appointed by Royal Decree No. (33) issued in July 2022. In this role, Eng. Al Alawi is responsible for enhancing the performance of the Tender Board overseeing government procurement practices and expediting the processes of incoming requests from Purchasing Authorities. He works closely with the esteemed members of the Board to promote the protection of public property and funds, increase the levels of integrity and transparency, promote equal opportunities, strengthen relationships with relevant parties, ensures the protection of the rights of local and international contractors and suppliers and supports SMEs in the field of government tenders and purchasing. 


Eng. Al Alawi held many leadership positions in the country, having been appointed as the CEO of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) from April 2021 to July 2022. During this time, he achieved many accomplishments and successes including the launch of the Optional Insurance System and Wage Protection System for domestic workers, the LMRA’s Mina Salman branch obtaining the Golden category in government for the first time in government service centers’ classification, and the LMRA achieving the best performance in the government complaints and suggestions system “Tawasul” for the first time. 

Eng. Al Alawi served as the Chairman of the National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking, where he achieved a significant national accomplishment by maintaining the Kingdom of Bahrain’s classification in the first tier of the US Department of State's 2022 report on government efforts to combat human trafficking for the fifth consecutive year., in which he maintained this classification in the year 2021.


Furthermore, he held the position of Director General of Organization and Position Budgeting at the Civil Service Bureau, where he accomplished several initiatives and projects. One notable achievement was executing the Optional Retirement Program as the head of the monitoring and executing committee. He also supervised the reform of the civil service legal frameworks, leading to the issuance of the new Civil Service Law and its implementing regulations in 2010. Additionally, he supervised the project of restructuring ministries and governmental entities, as well as the development and implementation of the budget of workforce expenditure for ministries and governmental entities.


Eng. Al Alawi also held the position of Director of Organization and Management Engineering at the Civil Service Bureau where he achieved several initiatives and projects such as supervising the civil service development projects and launching the process simplification and improvement initiative known as “Handara”.


Moreover, His Excellency Eng. Al Alawi participated in numerous governmental and national boards and committees, including memberships in: Government Services Development Committee, Government Service Center Evaluation Committee, Government Hospitals Board of Trustees, Primary Healthcare Centers Board of Trustees, Evaluation Committee of the Government Innovation Competition (Fikra) and Advisory Committee of the National Qualification Framework.


Eng. Al Alawi’s academic progression is diverse. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Bahrain, he earned an IMS Administrative Services certificate, with distinction, from Harry Mitchell College in the United Kingdom. He also obtained a master’s degree in Public Sector Governance from the University of Granada, Spain.


In addition to his accomplishments, Eng. Al Alawi was awarded the prestigious Prince Salman bin Hamad Medal for Medical Excellence.