The Tender Board held a seminar for Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications staff at its headquarters in Bahrain Bay today, aimed at maximizing economic efficiency by helping government entities secure purchases at fair and competitive rates


The three-hour event, titled ‘Foundation in Tendering Processes’, highlighted the tendering options available for the ministry to achieve its objectives and forms part of a series of seminars and workshops being organized by the Tender Board for purchasing authorities, vendors, and contractors Topics covered included the tender process and procedures, legal procedures, and how to use the Tender Board’s state-of-the-art e-Tendering system.


Director of Tenders and Technical Affairs Ahmed Al-Saadoon said: “Through these tailor-made workshops we aim to address the purchasing authorities’ specific needs, thereby improving government procurement practices and ensuring optimal use of public funds. The Tender Board is committed to maintaining open and transparent communications with all its stakeholders . Such events also serve as an important avenue for dialogue and receiving feedback, so that we can further improve our work.”