The Tender Board, the independent regulator of Bahrain Government procurement activities, today opened 21 bids related to six tenders for five purchasing authorities.

opened was of one tender for the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism for the Project to improve the electronic portal of the records system, seven bids have been received for this tender.


With regard to the oil and gas sector, the Board opened two tenders for Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco), the first tender for Provision of it insight and advisory service, one bid was received for this tender, and the second tender was for Provision of External Audit Services for the period 2020-2023, three bids were received for this tender.


The Board also opened one tender for Tatweer Petroleum, to provide specialists in the operation of heavy lifting equipment and equipment, three bids received for this tender.


Moreover, the Board also opened one tender for the Bahrain Real Estate Investment (Edamah) for Supply & Installation of Temporary Wayfinding & Signage for Edamah at Bilaj Al-Jazayer, five bids have been received for this tender


Finally, opened one tender for Bahrain Center for Strategic, international and Energy Studies for hosting meeting for a forum organized by the Center, and we have received two bids for this tender.


The tender process was attended by representatives of the bidding companies and companies participating in the tenders. In line with the Tender Board’s guidelines on competitiveness and fairness, the bids will be assessed on all relevant technical and financial criteria before being awarded to the best fit candidate. Full details of all tenders opened may be viewed on the Tender Board official website,