The Tender Board, the independent regulator of Bahrain Government procurement activities, today opened 54 bids related to eight tenders for six purchasing authorities.

Three tenders were opened for Bahrain Tourism & Exhibition Authority, the first tender was for Set-up, design, fabrication and build-up of Exhibition Stand in Riyadh and Dubai, nine bids were received. The second tender was for Set-up, design, fabrication, build-up, delivery and dismantling of Exhibition Stand in MITT Moscow, seven bids were received. The third tender was for contracting with tourism offices from the Russian federation to attract tourist groups to the Kingdom of Bahrain and to develop and propose a strategic marketing plan, four bids were received for this tender.

Moreover, one tender was open for the ministry of works, municipalities affairs and urban planning (Works Affairs), which was related to upgrading Imam Hussain Street - Complex No. 302, seven bids were received for this tender.

Another tender was for Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities, Excavation, survey and management of archaeological sites, five bids were received for providing Health Insurance for the staff.

Moreover, one tender opened for Isa Cultural Centre for cleaning and maintenance at the center, 14 bids were received.

Furthermore, one tender was opened for the Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco), regarding
providing consulting services to implement Commercial Intelligence (BI) and analysis solutions, five bids were received.

Finally, one tender was opened for Bahrain Airport Company to Supply of Liquid Explosive Detection System (LEDS), three bids were received.

The tender process was attended by representatives of the bidding companies and companies participating in the tenders. In line with the Tender Board’s guidelines on competitiveness and fairness, the bids will be assessed on all relevant technical and financial criteria before being awarded to the best fit candidate. Full details of all tenders opened may be viewed on the Tender Board official website,