The Minister of Housing and Chairman of the Tender Board H.E. Eng. Basim bin Yacob AlHamer presided over the Tender Board’s weekly meeting today, at which matters related to various government tenders were discussed. Afterwards, the Tender Board, the independent regulator of Bahrain Government procurement activities, opened 93 bids related to 16 tenders and 1 auction for 8 purchasing authorities.

During the meeting, two tenders were opened for the Ministry of Works, Municipalities and Urban Planning (Works Affairs). The first was for the phase 1 construction of a sewerage network located at Block 441 at Sehla, 19 bids were received for this tender. The second tender was for a two-year contract for the maintenance of the landscaping and landscape irritation system at Rashid Equestrian and Horse Racing Club in Sakhir, 8 bids were received for this tender.

One the other hand a tender was opened for the Urban Planning and Development Authority for the provision of four security guards for the authority headquarters. 5 bids were received for this tender. Another tender was opened for the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) for the supply of IBM storage systems, warranty, and maintenance services, one bids were received for this tender.

For the Capital Municipality, an auction was opened to rent shop 22 on Sayed Mahmood Ahmed Al-Alawi Avenue in the Manama Central Market for a period of four years, 9 bids were received for this auction.

In the aviation sector, three tenders were opened for Gulf Air. 4 bids were received for the supply of glassware for Falcon Gold class cabins, and 4 bids were received for the supply of savoury snacks for Economy class, and 7 bids were received for appoint local tailoring house for both male uniform stitching, female uniform alteration and other related crew uniforms requirements.

In the oil and gas sector, four tenders were opened for Bapco. 2 bids were received for the provision of refractory supervisory services on critical equipment during shutdowns. 1 bids were received for the refurbishment of its Dresser Rand Rotor Compressor, an essential piece of equipment that affects operation of the main gasoline producing units. 4 bids were received for the supply of filter elements for the low sulphur diesel plant. Finally, 6 bids were received for the supply of low alloy steel fittings for the replacement of parts in the No.1 Hydrogen plant.

Four other tenders were also opened for Tatweer Petroleum. The first was for the mapping of Tatweer’s underground gas distribution network, for which 8 bids were received. The second tender was a five-year long-term purchase agreement for the supply of general fittings on call-off basis, for which 6 bids were received. The third was for the provision and renewal of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement with a Microsoft Licensing Solution Provider, for which 3 bids were received. A fourth tender was opened for the supply of Veritas NetBackup appliances, licenses, and maintenance support for one year, for which 4 bids were received.

Finally, the Committee opened a tender for the provision of medical insurance for Bahrain Polytechnic staff and their dependents for one year, for which 2 bids were received.

The tender process was attended by a number of representatives of the bidding companies and companies participating in the tenders. The bids are assessed on all relevant technical and financial criteria and the tenders will be awarded in line with the Tender Board’s guidelines on fairness and competitiveness. Full details of all tenders opened may be viewed on the Tender Board official website,