Tender Details

B787 Evacuation Training Raft

Tender Number: 2/2023/GAA (IN/GAA/2023/Q-066)

PA Ref Number: IN/GAA/2023/Q-066

Tender Description

Training boat that will be used to train air crews to comply with civil aviation requirements and the B787 fleet qualification certificate. The boat is used for emergency landing evacuation drills, ensuring that crews are prepared to deal with emergencies on board effectively and in accordance with applicable regulations.

Issued by
Gulf Aviation Academy
Initial Bond
BD 500
Bid Validity / Initial Bond Validity Period (Days)
90 days
Tender Fees
BD 15
Contract Duration
1 Quarter
Is Alternate Bid Allowed
Publish Date
Monday, 06 November 2023
Purchase Before
Thursday, 30 November 2023
Closing Date
Wednesday, 06 December 2023
Opening Date
Thursday, 07 December 2023

Additional Notes

Gulf Aviation Academy (GAA) invites proposals for the supply of a B787 Evacuation Training Raft, crucial for practical training of all flight crew to meet certification requirements for the B787 fleet in line with civil aviation regulations. The raft is essential for practicing emergency evacuation procedures during potential ditching scenarios. GAA prioritizes the highest safety and training standards for the B787 fleet.

أكاديمية الطيران الخليجية (GAA) تدعو لتقديم مقتراحات لتوريد قارب تدريب الإخلاء B787، الذي يعتبر أمرًا بالغ الأهمية لتدريب الطواقم الجوية على أرض الواقع لتلبية متطلبات الشهادة لأسطول B787 وفقًا للوائح الطيران المدني. القارب أمر أساسي لممارسة إجراءات الإخلاء الطارئة خلال سيناريوهات الهبوط الاضطراري المحتملة. تولي GAA أقصى اهتمام لضمان أعلى معايير السلامة والتدريب لأسطول B787.

How to Participate?

  • Those who are capable and wish to participate in the above tender have to purchase the Tender Documents online through the Bahrain Tender Board’s portal https://etendering.tenderboard.gov.bh starting from Monday, 06 November 2023
  • Bidders are requested to enclose with their bids the Initial Bond for the amount specified above or at the rate of 1% of the tender value whichever amount is lesser, provided that no initial bonds value shall be less than BD 100/-. (Except for the Two-envelope tenders).
  • For Two-envelope tenders, bidders, are requested to enclose with their bids the Initial Bond for the amount specified above.
  • The initial bond should be in the form of a Certified Cheque, Bank Guarantee, Insurance Policy or Cash (or as specified in the Tender Documents) valid for the duration specified above.
  • The bids deposit place: (As Mentioned in the Tender Documents)
  • This tender is subject to the provisions of the Tender Law issued by the Legislative Decree No. 36 of 2002, its amendments, and its Implementing Regulations issued by the Decree No. 37 of 2002.
  • In addition, these conditions have to be considered:
    • Enclose copy of a valid Commercial Registration Certificate (CR) in line with the tender's subject.
    • Enclose copy of a valid certificate of compliance with the employment percentages for Bahraini manpower (Bahranization Certificate) issued by the Ministry of Labour.
  • This advertisement is considered supplementary to the tender documents. In case of any discrepancy between the Advertisement and the Tender Document, the Tender Document prevails.
  • Micro, small and medium enterprises are eligible to obtain 10% preference in the financial evaluation stage, when submitting the "SMEs Classification Certificate" during bidding for this tender. The certificate is awarded by Ministry of Industry Commerce and Tourism to the SMEs and can be obtained when applying on the SMEs Registration System which can be reached via the following link: https://www.moic.gov.bh/en/eServices/sme
  • Vendors who are not registered in the Tender Board's e-tendering system shall be required to register through the below-mentioned link, and for assistance please contact the Tender Board through email helpdesk@tenderboard.gov.bh or call on Tel No. +97317566617.
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