The Tender Board, the independent regulator of Bahrain Government procurement activities, today opened 69 bids related to 12 tenders for nine purchasing authorities.

One tender was opened for Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Municipalities Affairs), call center services for municipalities affairs, received one bid for this tender.

Furthermore, a tender was opened for the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications for implementation of on street bus stop, signs and bus stop poles, two bids were received for this tender.

In addition, one tender was opened for Ministry of Labour and Social Development, for the Providing of (48) wheelchairs for persons with disabilities, five bids were received for this tender.

Moreover, opened 12 bids were received for Ministry of Information Affairs, for six radio stations equipment, automation, editing and MCR setup project at MIA (2019)


A tender has also been opened for the Electricity and Water Authority (Planning and Studies), on the Prequalification Document for Pipeline and Water Stations for Water Transmission Project Associated with AL Dur IWPP Phase II -, 28 bids were received for this tender.

In the oil and gas sector, a three tenders were opened for Tatweer Petroleum, the first tender for Provision of Hookups & System Improvements Work for Fiber Optics, received six bids. The second tender was for the Supply of John Crane Spares for Five (5) Years, one bid was received. The third tender for to provide and supply Production Demulsifier for two (2) Years, two bids were received.  


As it has been opened two tenders were opened for Hala Bahrain Hospitality, the first tender Appointing Bathroom Amenities Supplier for the company, three bids were received for this tender. The second tender was for the Term Contract to Allocate Vendor for Laundry Services for company, six bids were received.


Moreover, one tender for Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company for Resident Travel Desk Consultant, one bid was received.


Finally, a tender was opened for Bahrain Center for Strategic, international and Energy Studies on Logistics for (Derasat) Forum, for which one bid was received.

The tender process was attended by representatives of the bidding companies and companies participating in the tenders. In line with the Tender Board’s guidelines on competitiveness and fairness, the bids will be assessed on all relevant technical and financial criteria before being awarded to the best fit candidate. Full details of all tenders opened may be viewed on the Tender Board official website,