• Public Tender Local & International

  • Limited Tender

  • Direct Purchase

  • Competitive Negotiation

  • Two Phase Tender

  • Request for Proposals
  • The Board oversees purchases by Purchase Authorities, for amounts greater than BHD 25,000

  • For Companies fully owned by the Government the Board oversees purchases greater than BHD 50,000
  The Tender process is a formalised procedure with 5 stages:

  1. Tender Preparation
  2. Bid Submission
  3. Tender Opening
  4. Tender Evaluation
  5. Tender Award

tender DOCUments preparation, bid’s submission and opening

Tender evaluation and awarding


“Any supplier of contractor claiming, prior to the contract coming into effect, that he has suffered or may suffer a loss or damage because of the buyer’s breach of duty imposed by the law may request the authority seeing to enter into a contract or the Board, as the case may be, a reconsideration of any of the tendering procedures or any decision related thereto within 10 days from the date of becoming aware of the procedure of decision for local tenders”

CR (Commercial Registration) number is applicable to Bahrain supplier or contractors.
Its mandatory field during registration. International suppliers can enter their company registration number and attach the valid registration certificate of the same.